Special Conditions

Though it is unusual that your jaws will need to be wired together after the treatment of a facial fracture, occasionally you will require immobilisation with intermaxillary elastics. Generally if you have fractures of this nature you will return to the ward with arch bars and ligature wires on the teeth. These are to be kept as clean as possible with a combination of tooth brushing, mouthwash and the use of a Broxojet to remove plaque and food debris.

If you have been treated with intermaxillary elastics or wires, we will provide you with a separate sheet of instructions detailing the special precautions you will need to take if the jaws are immobilised.

If you have sustained a fracture of the maxilla (top jaw) you will be asked to avoid blowing your nose for at least 10-14 days after your surgery, due to the risk that forcible nose-blowing can drive air into the soft tissues surrounding the recent fracture, causing surgical emphysema (air in the tissues) and possible infection. Occasional sneezing should not be a problem.