Wound Care and Hygiene

External incisions are closed with either non-resorbable or resorbable sutures, and occasionally staples may also be used. You should endeavour to keep the external wounds as dry as possible for 3-5 days. You will be supplied with an antibiotic ointment to be applied sparingly twice a day to the incision site for 3-5 days.

Where an intraoral wound is involved, it is essential to maintain a very high standard of oral hygiene using a combination of Savacol mouthwash, diluted 1 in 10 with warm water, and regular tooth brushing. Mouthwashes and tooth brushing should commence the day after your surgery, using at least 5-6 mouthwashes per day. Wisdom may also supply a Broxojet to assist with oral hygiene.

Often you will have arch bars and ligature wires inside your mouth, which can become a site for accumulated debris. We will demonstrate how to use a Broxojet to keep your arch bars and wires clean. It is also necessary to use a soft tooth brush to remove food debris and plaque from the arch bars and the area of the intraoral wounds.

Patients undergoing a forehead flap will often have a series of staples or sutures across the top of their heads. The wound is to be kept as clean and dry as possible. Some spray from showering is acceptable, but all surgical incisions should not become soaking wet and should be dabbed dry as soon as possible after showering. Immersion of the wound from bathing or swimming is not recommended.