Post-Op Medications and Supplies

On discharge you will be provided with:

I.         Antibiotics
You will be given a prescription for oral antibiotics before discharge. Please remember that it is essential you complete all your course of antibiotics, as indicated on the label.

II.         Analgesics
For pain control following intraoral your implant procedure, we prescribe “middle of the range” analgesics for you to take home.

III.         Savacol mouthwash
Wisdom will provide a bottle of Savacol mouthwash, to be used diluted 1 capful in a glass of warm to hot water, 5-6 times per day, and especially just before bed. You should start your mouthwashes the day after surgery.

IV.         Steroid ointment
A thin application of steroid ointment on the lips once or twice a day for about a week after your operation will assist with healing of the lips.

V.         Ice packs
Wisdom will supply you with ice packs to be constantly applied to your face for the first 24-48 hours after your surgery to help reduce your swelling. The ice packs can be re-frozen and re-used and should make your face feel more comfortable.

VI.         Mouth packs

We will supply you with spare mouth packs or gauze to control any oozing and bleeding from your surgical sites.