Difficult Teeth

In most cases, the Wisdom team can remove wisdom teeth during day surgery, so you should usually be able to return home on the same day. Your surgery will usually take place under local anaesthetic (an injection similar to that used for dental fillings), which will permit a simple appointment that you can attend alone.

For surgery on more difficult teeth, or for patients who are anxious about their procedure, Wisdom can prescribe conscious sedation, a technique which uses a sedative drug to help you relax and prevent you from remembering your surgery.

In other cases, such as for patients with several difficult teeth to remove, we may prescribe a day-stay general anaesthetic. You will need to attend your appointment with a responsible adult who should oversee your recovery over the next 48 hours. We also recommend you do not look after children or dependents, drive or use machinery, and review or sign legal documents, for those 48 hours.