Sinus Lift

Dental implants, while a popular treatment for many people, are unsuitable for some patients due to insufficient bone structure for support. Years of living with missing teeth, suffering from periodontitis, or other diseases can lead to the deterioration of the bone which usually supports dentures or dental implants.

To address this problem, the Wisdom team can perform a procedure called a sinus lift, a special surgical technique designed to augment the bone of the upper jaw to provide support for implants or dentures. Sinus lift surgery is a gentle and painless procedure which can improve both the quality and quantity of jawbone, to provide a solid foundation for successful implantation.

Depending on the condition and amount of your existing remaining jawbone, it is possible to implant immediately during a sinus lift surgery, or alternatively to place the implants some time after your bone augmentation procedure.

Depending on the bone substitute material used, your newly-grown jaw bone should be sound and able to provide support within 4-8 months, making an implantation possible again.